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 Cellular Communication; Our Spiritual, Mental, Emotional Worlds

People tend to be weighed down by negative emotions; emotions like fear, anger, resentment, guilt, shame, and grief, that will distort the integrity and the quality of our cells. If we become caught up in judging, criticizing, condemning, ridiculing, ourselves and/or others, it will distort us. Most people don’t know the kind of damage that can be done! Instead, we need to empower ourselves with selective and powerful thinking and understand the difference between thoughts that empower you and the thoughts that are actually weakening, disempowering and distorting you. This goes for all negative emotions, whether past or present. We need to clear our emotional radar and deal with past issues, and ultimately alter our way of thinking to become more powerful individuals.


 Maintain an attitude of gratitude. Stay present to the beauty and love of living.


 Recognize we are electrical, infinite beings with spirit. Every experience is a lesson and an opportunity for us to grow and learn.


 Learn to love life; be joyful, radiant, accepting and non-judgmental of ourselves or others, and create peace and harmony everywhere. Embrace prayer, meditation, and communication!

Stay tuned for more, Videos, Testimonials, and in-depth exploration of this topic.