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It is important, as people, to remember to ground ourselves- to get our feet on the earth itself! We need to be incorporating the environment into our daily lives and taking advantage of the powerful healing properties nature has to offer.

Explore these elements below and how they can positively improve your health.


Walk in nature and eat plants from organic, mineral and enzyme rich soil to balance the electro-magnetic matrix of the human body. Standing directly on the earth without shoes or socks, and being present to the surrounding elements, helps recharge the body.


Try taking your shoes and socks off and walk in fresh grass, visualize yourself grounding and connecting with the life below your feet.

Spending 30 to 60 minutes outdoors each and every day will help you absorb the powerful energy the sun has to offer, increasing energy, providing vitamin D and detoxifying the body!


Spending 30 to 60 minutes outdoors each and every day will help you absorb the powerful energy the sun has to offer,  increasing energy, providing vitamin D and detoxifying the body!


Try walking instead of driving short distances, exercise outside, carefully expose great portions of your skin to the sun.

*Please Note: If a body is toxic go slow with this. Once the body becomes more “lean, clean, and serene,” it is possible to tolerate more sun without ill effect.


Take advantage of fresh, long, slow deep rhythmic breathing of

air which oxygenates every cell of your body for detoxification, energy, clarity, peace, harmony, inspiration, balance and strength!


Try inhaling for 8 seconds, holding it for 8 seconds, then exhaling for 8 seconds, repeat consecutively as many times as possible, work your way up to 20 minutes!


Visit and wade in the ocean; drink pure, alkaline, antioxidant, structured water created by mother Earth. Where resources make this impossible, try to get ionized, filtered water.


Try drinking 0.5 fl oz of water for every lb you weigh each day while avoiding, coffee, soda, concentrated fruit juices.


Take charge of your life and eliminate your overexposure to chemicals. Clean, organic, plant based products produced by a quality manufacture, without any additives, should be used to replace any chemically based cleansers, soaps, coloring, and fragrances. Whether it’s a household cleanser, toothpaste, shampoo or soaps.